• Board of Directors

    President: Jeff Meadows

    Secretary: Chuck Starkey

    Treasurer: Diane Weber Mundell

    Alumni Representatives

    Terms expiring in 2014

    • Charlie Joyner '73-'76
    • Jeff Meadows '77-'82
    • Jeanine Bush Aronowitz '89-'91
    • Rhiannon Franck Milbrath '05-'09

    Terms expiring in 2015

    • Diane Weber Mundell '74-'79
    • Chuck Starkey '79-'81
    • Sam Nicolai '93-'98
    • Robbie Jones '05-'07

    Terms expiring in 2016

    • Charlotte Dillon Hubbard '73-'76
    • Melissa Welstead Stoner '83-'87
    • Ric Scott '89-'93
    • Dan Pinkham '00-'07

    Jubilate Representatives

    • Alba Beasley '02-present
    • Erin Veasey '10-present

    UBC Representatives

    • Nancy Gaines
    • Jackie Lockwood

    Former Directors (non-voting)

    • Carl Beard '73-'80
    • Len Willingham '81-'89
    • Mike Norris '90-'95
    • Kevin Holland '95-'00
  • Director's Task Force

    The Director's Task Force's purpose is to begin a dialogue about how to support Jubilate into its fifth decade and beyond.

  • Alumni Newletters

    November 2014 Newsletter

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    Minutes of Board of Directors Meetings

  • A Special Message from a few Members

    How YOU can help Jubilate

    You can support the ministry of Jubilate through:

    • Your Prayers

      Please pray:

      • for singers who love the Lord and are willing to work hard to make an offering of musical praise.
      • for God's guidance on tour destinations and concert sites.
      • that God will use Jubilate to bring people into a relationship with Him.
      • for health and protection for Jubilate's members, especially when traveling.
      • for Alba, Barbara, Robby, and Anne.
    • Your Encouragement

      • Come hear Jubilate if they appear in your area. Bring your friends, neighbors, relatives, and complete strangers!
      • Recommend Jubilate to students you know who are, will be, or have friends attending UVA.
    • Your Gifts

      You may support Jubilate by contributing to any of the following funds:

      • The Alumni Annual Fund, used to support all activities of Jubilate and the Alumni Association
      • The Jubilate Endowments, used to provide an ongoing source of support for Jubilate. There are three endowment funds:
        • The General Edowment Fund
        • The Robyn Teates Bixenman Memorial Fund
        • The David Veasey Memorial Fund

      How to Give:

      • By Check
        • make checks payable to University Baptist Church with the designated fund on the memo line. Checks should be mailed to our treasurer:
          Diane Mundell
          1545 Surry Hill Ct
          Charlottesville, VA 22901
        • You can donate to a specific cause for Jubilate, including:
          Sponsoring a Jubilate student by paying a part of their dues ($125)
          Feeding Jubilate for their Sunday night practices ($50)
          Contributing to the Jubilate Spring Tour, which includes bus transportation and some lodging

          If you are interested in contributing to a specific cause, put it in the subject line of the check.
      • By Credit Card
        • Credit card contributions can be made through the UVA Alumni Association.
        • Instructions

        • Click the "GIVE ONLINE" box, and you will be redirected to a secure giving site. Here, you will select the "I'd like to choose where my money goes" option. At the bottom of the list on the right, there is an "Other" checkbox. Select this, and you will then be able to enter the Donation Amount in the box, and in the "Special Instructions" box, you will put the Jubilate fund you wish to donate by typing "Jubilate - " followed by the area wish you to designate, e.g. "Jubilate - Alumni Annual Fund" or "Jubilate - Veasey Memorial Fund".
      • Gifts of Securities
        • You can claim a charitable deduction for the fair market value of appreciated securities without paying capital gains taxes. Please contact Sue Walton, UBC Office Manager, by email or by calling 434-293-5106 for additional information on giving securities.